Guided Discovery Real Estate Coaching 

The best real estate agents are constantly learning and improving their systems and skills. Designed with the top real estate coaches, agents and teams around the world, these courses have been tested and proven by the best in the real estate industry.

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RE Coaching Dude

DIY Video Marketing 

Hollywood Video Lab &

Brand Creation Tools

Editing & Production 

 Templates & Resource 

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 How It Works?

Done-For-You Branding and Video Marketing To: SOI, Social Media & Farm

Builds Your Brand • Generates More Referrals • Increases Commissions

Step 1: The Strategy

Before we can build your video strategy, we need to determine what fits your brand best. You will meet with the “dude” for 60 minutes to map out your video marketing strategy.

Step 2: The Video

Once we know what fits your brand, we’ll start training you on how to shoot videos using your cell phone and the equipment we buy for you.. Our process is very simple. We tell you exactly what and when to shoot and we’ll do the rest!

Step 3: The Script

Once you have learned how to take the right shots,  we’ll craft you a custom scripted template to help you carry out your mission!

Yes, I Want Branded Marketing Videos.

Need Branding Help? We Do That Too.


We Rehab Your Personal Brand & Transform the Way You Market Your Business.


Step 1: Identify Brand Story

We identify your personal brand story that is unique to you. 


Step 2: Create Branding

We create your new brand logo and videos so you are ready to launch.

Step 3: Launch New Brand

Once your branding is complete and your videos are create, it is time to launch. 

Yes, I Want to Transform My Brand

Need Help Building Your Databases. We Take Care of That Too.

We also help you build your SOI “marketing lists” of referral sources.

Export Your Data

We export all of your database and begin creating lists so you can establish consistent communication.


Build A Direct Mail List

We’ll help you create a direct mail lists of your relationships and then automate a monthly direct mail campaign for them.

Build An Email List Of Your Database

We’ll narrow down a final email list of ALL of your relationships to stay top of mind with.

Upload Your Database Into Facebook

We’ll create a custom audience of your entire database inside of Facebook for you. Now you can get your message in front of them with a push of a button.

Technology & Resources

CRM System


            Sweet Assist


Discover Breakthrough Technology

Video Centric CRM System With Built In Automation

Video email capabilities with automation for client relationship management

Social Media Mgt:  DIY, Alacart or Monthly Service 

Paperless office suite, fully responsive websites including IDX and lead generation systems.

Paperless Office

Fully automated and mobile compatible forms. Streamline compliance and customer service. 

Online Training With The Coaching Dude  

Weekly Online Seminars

Secret Sauce Interviews

Agent Acceleration Program

Learn what is working on and off line in today’s market.

Weekly Seminars

Industry experts providing the latest, tested maketing strategies and resources.

24/7 training, over 5,000 training videos and FREE proven top tier content to download/use to optimize your business

Career Accelleration Program

8 wk course, 48 hour continuing education courses to furthur your training.  Certified and fulfuills the 45 hr Post Licensing Course while also teaching career skills

Meet The

RE Coaching Dude


  The Real Estate Coaching Dude Secret Sauce

Going beyond a coaching calls, we coach strategically assisting  clients personally by:

  • Consulting on their unique business needs
  • Create accountability systems and organizational workflows
  • Helping systematize marketing, business processes and lead follow-up
  • Connecting our clients’ teams with our myriad training materials

By developing unique plans for each client’s individual needs, I go beyond the more “traditional” coaches and become a real growth partner. I believe that “one-size-fits-all” type coaching, which is offered by most real estate coaching companies, can only help real estate agents grow to a certain point, and that exponential real estate growth or true work-life balance takes a more individualized, consultative approach to coaching.

A key ingredient to this more personalized coaching process is creating accountability/feedback systems. These go beyond simply requesting clients attend weekly calls and extend into the client’s real estate offices to include the client’s entire team. We help clients create organizational workflows, define job roles and responsibilities and ensure that everyone knows what their job entails, and how to quickly and efficiently meet their goals. By helping real estate coaching clients create systematized business processes, administrative tasks become less time-consuming, and formalized processes on lead generation and follow-up ensure a steady stream of new and repeat business.

In order to truly help our clients’, whether it be sales agents or to develop and grow professionally, we connect them to the Real Estate Coaching Guided Discovery / ICC system. Individual team members are assigned training based on their role and responsibilities, and their system access, usage, and training completion is tracked, holding them accountable to meeting goals. With training materials covering business generation methods, hiring how-to’s, team management and administrative processes, there is something for every team member.

Scale Up Your Career:  The Real Estate Coaching Dude

Whether you are looking to move to the next level or starting your career, there is a RE Coaching Dude program to empower you to powerfully customize a Real Estate career that works profitably for you.

Pro Development Coaching

Your learning and development is our priority. We provide weekly training, team manager training programs, or our DPBR accredited courses,   

Collaboration & Innovation

Creative, out-of-the-box ideas that are game changing in today’s digital Real Estate industry. Experience our social media/video lab onsite for brainstorming and creativity sessions.  Enhance your brand.

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